Increase efficiency and productivity

  • A holistic platform for all pension analytics
  • Focus on consulting rather than number crunching
  • Improve new business pitches

PFaroe provides a holistic platform encompassing all actuarial valuation and analytical requirements. Quality and consistent analytics are delivered in a cost-effective manner. PFaroe’s detailed liability valuation system has been designed to be intuitive, user-friendly and transparent. An innovative approach to modelling ensures valuation outputs can be completed more efficiently whilst seamlessly integrating with other PFaroe functionality.

Alternatively, Consultants can set up a suite of analytics for a client using summarised data within just an hour. This is a game changer both in providing a cost-effective approach to advising clients, but also in delivering more focused and superior presentations for business development.

PFaroe’s client driven approach to development ensures that the analytics continue to evolve to meet the needs of plans and advisers.

Increase efficiency and productivity

Develop stronger engagement with clients

  • Expand client relationships
  • Dynamic interaction with clients

PFaroe empowers consultants to engage with clients more interactively than ever before, providing on-demand desk-top analysis of funding and risk positions. Comprehensive ‘What if?’ functionality allows discussions and scenario testing in real time. PFaroe makes complicated concepts and analytics intuitive, leading to more informed clients with a desire for more on-going dialogue with consultants.

Clients can also be provided with direct access to PFaroe’s functionality, helping consultants to report more efficiently. PFaroe’s user friendly analytics drive client education and engagement. Plan trustees and corporate sponsors have a better appreciation of pension risk and feel more comfortable in making the right funding and investment decisions quickly and efficiently.

PFaroe’s modular functionality allows consultants to tailor analytics to the needs of the client.

Develop stronger engagement with clients

Cross sell advisory services

  • Provide consulting services that bridge both assets and liabilities
  • Engage in risk management and de-risking advisory projects

PFaroe assists consultants in bridging the gap between investment and funding advice, driving cross-sell opportunities into other advisory projects.

Through PFaroe, consultants can provide cross balance sheet analytics that naturally engage clients in pension risk management.

Moreover, PFaroe is automatically updated on a monthly basis, driving regular dialogue with clients on de-risking opportunities and capitalising on market opportunities.

Consultants use PFaroe to present more detailed and timely analytics and outputs. This inspires confidence and improves governance around decision-making and implementation of de-risking strategies.

Cross sell advisory services

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